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"Miracle Bonding Moments"

“I wish my brother and I had miracle bonding moments more often” said a teen boy in one of my conversations with him. I was curious about it and asked him to tell me more about those “miracle bonding moments”. He explained that whenever he gets to spend sometime with his younger brother and they get along while doing something fun, he sees those times as “miracle bonding moments”. He added that those moment happened rarely. I was captivated by his description because it reminded me about the same dilemma that couples often experience. On one hand, there is the longing for emotional connections with their partner. On the other hand, couples often end up feeling discouraged because everything else tends to get on the way of experiencing those “miracle bonding moments”. The good news is that awareness of this longing can aid individuals in becoming more intentional, instead of just waiting for the miracle to happen. First, it is important for couples to be intentional in setting up a time to connect every day. Every couple has unique ways of doing this and I encourage you to think about what makes you feel connected, share it with your partner. It would be ideal if your partner also shares with you about ways that he or she feels connected with you. Then, plan to have those quality moments together to give your relationship an opportunity to grow stronger and healthier. My wish for you is that you may have the courage to increase your "miracle bonding moments".

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