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I am here for you!

Today I found something that I wrote back in April of 2013. This is something that I could not stop thinking about after witnessing the pain and suffering of trauma in a little girl. I want to share it here with you and hope that you find some encouragement as you read.

When I see you, I see a beautiful human being created very uniquely to be loved and to love others. You are created to be cared and care about others.

Every single hair on your head has been crafted intentionally giving the perfect touch to your look. The shape of your face, your eyes, your nose, your lips, your mouth, your ears, your chin, your cheeks, your forehead, your eyebrows, your eyelashes, your neck, your chest, your arms, your hands, your fingers, your fingernails, your elbows, your tummy, your buttock, your genitalia, your thighs, your knees, your legs, your ankles, your feet, your soles, your toes, and your toenails have a special touch to your body. It is your body and each body part has a special function!

To see the world with your eyes.

To smell with your nose.

To talk, sing, eat...with your mouth and lips.

To hear with your ears.

To hold and give hugs with your arms, hands and fingers.

To walk, run, jump, stand, skip, move around with your feet.

You are wonderfully made from head to toe!

It is true that right now you might feel hurt, sad, angry, frustrated, upset, confused and so much unpleasant emotions.

I just want you to know that I am here to hold you.

I am here to listen without any judgement.

I am here to walk with you through this dark cloud.

My deepest desire is for this dark cloud to go away for you to see the sunshine again.

I am here for you!

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